After 8 years of serving clients, PSE officially opened its doors in 2011 in North West Houston. We specialize in Ford Power Stroke engines, maintenance, repairs and performance. We also offer performance modifications; as in aftermarket turbos and exhaust, programmers. PSE only uses genuine MotorCraft parts.

Here’s a little information about myself. I served in the U.S. Marines Corps for 5 years as a Marksmanship Instructor and I also worked in Microwave Communications. I would teach marines shooting techniques and basic fundamentals of firing and handling of weapons. In Communications we handled radio and microwave communications to different units from the front lines to the base command post. As a Marine I served in Iraq and various other operations overseas.

As a kid growing up I picked up on working on diesels very quick, having always watched my dad and uncles work on their cars and trucks. I knew then this was something I enjoyed doing. This would carry on into the Marine Corps as I would help out the motor Transportation Marines on repairing and maintaining the military vehicles and their equipment. When my tour ended I came back to the states and enrolled into The Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and they gave me the skills I needed to work as a tech at a nearby Ford Dealership. My work at the dealership was solid. Customers took notice and word of mouth quickly spread as I then started doing side jobs and picked up a ton of clients. As a result I packed up my tools and took the chance of opening my own shop. I’m also proud to say that my team and I are all Ford Certified in Diesel and Gas engines.

Here at PSE we treat everyone the same. We take in Joe Dirt’s truck the same way we do our big corporate clients. Our main goal is to give the customer the best quality work and fair prices on parts and labor without raiding their wallet. We are family owned and operated and are very down to earth. Here at PSE we treat our customers just like we treat our neighbors. Like Family.



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