About Us

We opened our doors full-time in 2011 after working full-time at a Ford dealership and having a shop on the side. Started by Dorian Reyna being lead tech, service writer, parts ordering and pretty much running the shop as a single person. Along with now a good Friend AB as the first employee he was able to take more work in little by little until people would just drop off and say call me when it's done. Being overwhelmed, we started hiring technicians. Now we have a large group of awesome guys in the showroom and in the shop that make the gears keep turning in sync. But nothing is possible without our customers. 

We had an idea to give our customers the best bang for their buck. Give them the best possible work we can give them and not leave them without anything in their pockets. We like to treat every customer like our family. We do not try and upscale or recommend anything not needed- nor sell parts we do not stand behind. If we haven't used them, we will not sell them.

Our mission is to provide the experience not just from start to finish, but even after the truck or parts leave our shop. There are issues that will happen and out of our hands, but even then, we will try our hardest to help where we can get you the correct part or get back on the road. 

Company vision statement - We will not give up on our customers, because they don't give up on us. We WILL get you back on the road! KEEP STROKIN!!

We started PSE because of the passion we have for diesel trucks. When you get that customer call or come back just to say- WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY TRUCK?!?! Because it's running better than ever-- That just brings a smile to our faces. It's not about the dollar, it's about the customer and the relationships we build with them.